Spirit Arena - 2.0.3 Release Note

Spirit Arena - 2.0.3 Release Note

Changes :

  • Players can now see what type of controller is linked to them (gamepad or keyboard)
  • Added a tip in the character selection menu if players are not linked to the right controllers
  • When defeated, the Millenial Tree will kill all the Thorns
  • In the Grimoire menu and the Character Selection menu, you can now see what achievement you must beat in order to unlock characters & items
  • In the Achievements menu, you can see what are the conditions to beat the achievements
  • The “Grab Item” animation is now longer

Bugfixes :

  • When a physical character die, the “death” animation is now correctly played
  • When starting a 1 player game just after a 2 player game, the aim cursor of the player 2 is no longer visible
  • The pause menu don’t show placeholders for characters stats anymore
  • Players can’t dash when they’re frozen
  • The death animation for the Trained Mugger is fixed
  • Replaced some achievements icons
  • The character selection screen works for 2 players !
  • The center spawn of Wicked Woods is now visible

If you encounter a bug, or if you have a suggestion to make, don’t hesitate to come to our official Discord !


spirit-arena-windows-demo.zip 74 MB
Version 2.0.3 Sep 27, 2019
spirit-arena-windows-release.zip 74 MB
Version 2.0.3 Sep 27, 2019

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