Spirit Arena - 2.1.4 Release Note

It is with great pleasure that we release this new update for Spirit Arena.

On the menu :

  • Some players met an issue with some bosses, that would simply not appear at all. This bug is now history!
  • Hit and death animations would not play after the first game: the matter is now fixed.
  • Players could be the same colour if one tried to swap when the other was frozen. This bug in the matrix won’t happen again.
  • The end of each wave is now smoother. No more picking the wrong item because you were moving at the end of the wave!
  • The disable time happening when a player take a hit is now shorter. The apple only lengthen the invincibility time following a hit, making it a worthy item eventually!

Spirit Arena keep evolving as we begin working on our next project, and it’s thanks to you all!

Have a nice weekend, and see you soon for new updates


spirit-arena-windows-demo.zip 74 MB
Version 2.1.4 Nov 22, 2019
spirit-arena-windows-release.zip 74 MB
Version 2.1.4 Nov 22, 2019

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