Spirit Arena - 1.1.0 Beta

Update Note - 1.1.0 Beta

As you can see, we've just updated the game to the 1.1.0b version ! And we did this because...

  • We just added the Single Player mode !

One of the most asked feature for this beta is now live ! It's pretty new, so if you find any bug, don't forget to come tell us on our discord !

As always, we also made some bug fixes, such as :

  • The Grimoire menu now display the effects of the items you discovered
  • ... and you can see the correct sprites for the foes you already defeated
  • A new version of the Character Selection Screen is now live. It's not the final state, but it's better than ever !
  • The save state of the developer's playtest game is no longer included in the build ! (Wait, that was really a thing ?!)
  • Some new animations for the enemies. And the UI in general.

We're really proud to show all of you this, and we're a bit stressed ! 

If you want to support us, you can add the game to your steam wishlist !


spirit-arena-windows-beta.zip 77 MB
Version 1.1.0b Sep 05, 2019

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