Spirit Arena - 1.1.1 Beta

Update Note - 1.1.1 Beta

One small update, and probably one of the last one before The Big Launch Day ! You can always play this version for free, and report the bugs that you found on our discord !

So, now, the release notes :

  • You can't be invincible anymore ! (Yeah, the game is going to be a lot harder !)
  • On Single Player mode, you can now pick 2 items between waves ! (Yeah, the game is going to be a lot easier !)
  • We started to add feedback when a player pickup an item. It's not perfect, and we want to improve it, but it's better than ever !
  • We fixed a lot of bugs (in the code, and in the animations. And also in the game design.).

Again, we want to thank everybody who play our game ! It's our first one, and it's incredible to see that people have fun playing it !


spirit-arena-windows-beta.zip 77 MB
Version 1.1.1b Sep 07, 2019

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